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We distribute screen printing ink from Inknovators. Which are the most leading innovative future generation water based inks.  All products are Ecological sustainable and are OEKO-TEX approved.

Screentec are proud to be the sole distributors in South Africa.

Plastisol Inks

- Phthalate Free
- Vast colour range
- Durable on screen
- Will not separate
- Easy to apply
- High elasticity and softness
- High coverage and Opacity 

Sublimation Inks

- Vibrant clean colours
- No clogging 
- 1 Year printing head guarantee
- Durable for migration issues
- Suitable for All Head for Epsom, Kyocera, Ricoh

Hybrid Water Based Inks

- 100% Ecological
- Very soft touch feeling
- Non clogging on the screen when compared with Polyurethane and Acrylic Inks
- High Coverage and Opacity
- One compound ink without any additives
- High elasticity

  •       Hybrid Whites & Clear bases 
  •       Hybrid Special Effects
  •       Hybrid Printing Bases 
  •       Hybrid Pigments